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Polycarbonate panels CARBOSTAR have high-tech structural material. Svetlopropusklivi built walls are connected together by longitudinal ribs hard. They are offered with a width of 2100 mm, thickness 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and weighing respectively 900 gr./m2, 1300 gr./m2, 1500 gr./m2, 1700 gr./m2; three options length - 3m, 6 meters and 12 meters in size or request.

CARBOSTAR product meets the needs of today and combines unlimited design options with many important advantages of relatively low prices, which makes it a versatile material is applied in different fields. Easy for installation and maintenance, as it achieves a modern aesthetic design, durability and strength.

Used in the interior, polycarbonate sheets allow you to bring natural atmosphere in the office, shop or home. They create a sense of aesthetics, while providing strength and durability. Offer almost unlimited possibilities in terms of design. The sheets are flexible, with varying degrees of transparency and the wide range of colors.

CARBOSTAR polycarbonate panels are very suitable for covering greenhouses because of heat retained by 45% more than ordinary glass. The use of polycarbonate panels for this purpose also provides many advantages for growing products - better insulation, high light transmission, resistance to hail, etc.

Thanks to the hinge, polycarbonates are susceptible to cracking, even in the cold, as this does not affect the strength of the sheet. Thickness of each plate is characterized by a minimum radius of bending, which allows to cover surfaces of different shapes.

CARBOSTAR polycarbonate panels are supplied in protective packaging to prevent damage during transportation and installation, and then easily removed. 


Lightweight material - 1 / 6 the weight of glass, allowing its use to significantly simplify the supporting structure. This in turn leads to saving money, materials and labor.

Virtually unbreakable - 200 times greater shock than that of glass.

Highly resistant to climatic conditions - the material is not modified by atmospheric effects due to spetsialnya co-extruded UV-protective layer, which was given 10 years warranty. Do not change too mechanical and optical properties in wide temperature range / from -40 to +120 ° C /.

Cool - ribbed configuration of the polyhedral sheets kept in the air leaves, which ensures excellent thermal insulation. Even the small plates (4 millimeters) are superior to twice the degree of insulation in the ordinary glazing. This achieves 30% energy savings.

Flexible and easy to install - easy to bend, making it an ideal material to cover the surfaces with complex geometric shape. A very important advantage of the material is its ease of processing with ordinary cutting tools. Not likely to form cracks when cut with a saw or breach.

Hardly flammable - In accordance with most international standarti. At high temperatures, the material melts but does not produce flames.

Safe for the environment - do not pollute and 100% recycled.

Polycarbonates is hygienic and safe. Because of its smooth surface material hardly keep pollutants and, if still accumulate such cleaning is easy.